Friday, April 19, 2013

Jews Hate White America Who Love Her

A Real Love Hate Relationship 

While White Christians love the Jews because they have been deceived into thinking that, "Jews," are, "God's chosen people," the Jews have been waging a fierce battle against White Christian America and the very belief in which they love Jews.  This reminds me of the saga in which two persons are supposed to be in a love relationship but one person is in love but the other is not. The other person is in the relationship just to use the one in-love by draining the fool of his/her resources. 

This is a perfect picture of the relationship between the "Jews," and the White Christians. The Jews are draining White America of their culture, Heritage, Christian values, poisoning their children with filth, and perversion on a daily bases through the perverted laws they have enacted. Through television and music our children are poisoned by Jewish owned media while the White American Christians drool over Jews saying, "I lovvvvve you." You are God's chosen people though you promote everything evil and hate my Lord Jesus.

On the other hand we do have a scenario where these two clash of cultures both have entered into a relationship for selfish reasons. We already know that the Jews pretend to love White Christian America while cunningly draining her of all that is valuable to her. But White Christian America turn a blind eye to the raping of White Christian America too because she is selfishly motivated by the promises of AhaYah which says in Genesis 12:3. I will bless them that Bless you and I will curse them that curse you.

You see, in this scenario White Christian America really do not give a damn about the Jews. They fear the wrath and judgment of AhaYah therefore they turn a blind eye to the fact that the Jews hate Jesus, corrupt their children, flood the TV airways with sexual perversion, with the occult, drag down the morals of society with degrading music,  and it's perverted explicit lyrics. Why? Because these selfishly motivated, self righteous White Christian want to be blessed by AhaYah for blessing and accepting Israel. Their motivation for wanting to befriend the Jews is that they do not  want AhaYah to curse them. The  Christians see the multiple sins of the Jews through the lens of that which  filters out any and all sins against AhaYah therefore rendering them a pass for corruption.

If only White Christian America Knew!

This Is Not The Israelites, But Are Impostors!

Blinded BY Their own Want To Be Blessed!

Please Do Not Tell Me This Is Not Israel!


The Real Hebrews

See anyone that look Caucasian in this picture?

Dang! You Missed Your Blessing!