Thursday, April 11, 2013

Jewish Run ACLU Attack White American Christians

White Christian America

The ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) is a Jewish run organization who's  function include suing States, Cities, School Districts, Municipality, etc., (with their $Billion in backings) to force them to reject Christ and anything having to do with Christian values and morals.

Their cover of stealth to assault the White Christian culture and heritage is the twisted lie of, "Separation of Church and State." All this is a deliberate effort to strip America of its strength which rest in the belief in the person of Jesus Christ and His teachings. At the same time these Jews and their organizations pretend to love White Gentile Christians. They preach tolerance but can't tolerate Christ, Christians, Christianity, the Christian message and Christian symbolism. But Christians (Which I AM one) are too stupid to see this because we want to be, "blessed," for blessing Hebrews.

Wake up White ignorant Christian, Jews are not Hebrews, neither are they God's Chosen people. You have been cursing God's true chosen people for the last 450 years and did not know it. But that's another story for another time.

Just as there is nothing Federal about the Federal Reserve, the Jewish owned private banking Institute established for the purpose of stealing the finances of mainly White American citizens, there is nothing American about the American Civil Liberties Union. The ACLU as mention earlier is a Jewish run organization and its purpose is to strip America of its Christian culture, heritage and commitment to Jesus Christ and replace it with a Jewish Culture and their belief in the Talmud and the Kabala. 

These people ("Jews") are less than two percent of the American population but with their relentless pursuit to please their father whom Jesus said is the devil, (But we ignore Jesus and say, Jews are God's chosen people) they will stop at nothing to see Jesus vanquished from American culture. They are only steps from complete success!

When a Nation is charged or credited with rejecting Christ it is not necessarily the majority of people in the Nation whom has reject Christ. But it is the fake, "Jews," whom pretend to be Hebrews but are not, "Hebrew Israelites," that has corrupted the laws of the Nations.

This is what I AM really saying. Just as it is in the government of America today, 2000 years ago the Hebrews did not reject Jesus and have the Romans to put Jesus to death. It was the fake, "Jews," whom infiltrated the Government/Priesthood just as they have done the same to America. They came into the Nation of Israel pretending to be Hebrews and friends of the Hebrew Israelite Nation with the sole purpose of corrupting the leaders and destroying the  Nation.  

The, "Jews," (Hebrew want to be) weaseled their way into the highest positions of power and authority and change the laws to corrupt the culture and the people. Nevertheless the whole Nation of Israel was charged with the crime of rejecting Jesus though the Fake, "Jews," were the real culprit.

This we can see, know and understand now how the, "Jews," corrupted Israel and stole our Nation from observation of how the Jews has stolen and corrupted America today. As the saying goes, "A Leopard cannot change its spots." 

Through the use of bribery, blackmail, intimidation,  murder and slick political maneuvering evil men are installed into position of  power and authority in Government and the morals of the Nation is tossed out of the window leaving a great void. Then the, "Jews," immediately fill that void with their fruit of, crime, corruption, vice and degradation,  then he only thing that is left is the Judgment of AhaYah on that Nation. The Jews then raise their sign of success with satan rendering his  approval.

The word of AhaYah says, 
9 The thing that has been—it is what will be again, and that which has been done is that which will be done again; and there is nothing new under the sun. Ecclesiastes 1;9  

If the word of AhaYah is true, (and it is) then you can surely believe that what the, "Jews," has done to America using stealth and corruption to capture America, their forefathers (whom were called Pharisees and Sadducee) has surely done to the Hebrew Israelite Nation of Israel in times past to bring our forefathers and Nation to ruin.

Remember the words of Christ to the Jews

"You are of your father the devil and you want to fulfill your father desires." 
John 8:44 

Think on this scripture, IT IS DEEP!

Jesus said, "You will know them by the FRUIT they produce."

Jewish Anti Defamation League (The ADL)  Support: Children's books like:

Mom and Mum are Getting Married      <--- FRUIT
Daddy's  Roommate                                  <---  FRUIT
King and King                                             <---  FRUIT
Target Kindergarten-5th grade               <---  FRUIT

Surely one must know, just from the minor 
evidence presented here that the, "Jews," are not 
The Children of Israel! 

Texas ACLU investigation of Bible distribution in Class  <--- FRUIT

How Long?
How long White Christian America will you put up with Jews attacking your Christian Culture and Heritage? Jesus do not want bibles in School? Oh, satan children do not want Bibles in school? Is Jewish children in these schools? No Way! So why the assault from Jews? Does, "Jews," love our children? Hell no! They want Jesus out of America. It's time to go on the assault White Christian America. 

You are UNDER ATTACK BY JEWS  White Christian America! WAKE UP!

Is this the fruit of the children of our righteous God AhaYah? No! When will we Wake Up and open our eyes? When will enough be enough? When will White Christian America wake up and stop kissing the fake, "Jews," rear end and realize something is not adding up? 2+2 is 4 no matter how you look at it. If it slithers across the ground it is very likely that it is a snake. One can't call a snake a chicken if its characteristics are as a snake.

Washington Is Now Completely Under, "Jewish," Control 

If everything a group of people produce result in evil why would we call them the righteous chosen people of AhaYah? Can it be we are misunderstanding the word of God? Surely AhaYah does not lie so I would go back to the word coupled with much prayers and ask AhaYah, what is going on? Then take Jesus at his word when He say the,

 "Jews," are the children of Satan, not the children of Abraham. John 8:44

The Signing over of America
To Satan Children The, "Jews"

White Christian America 
Look who is running America 


Jew Joseph Lieberman 

By far the most evil man in America!

The Jews Has taken over America's Highest Political Positions in Government!

The Final Score

The Jewish run ACLU           $100000000000000000000000...
White Christian America    $0 

The Loser must pay to the Winner 2 $Billion Per Year 
until treasury is completely drained for stupidity and
Sleeping With Eyes Wide Shut, 
while being $Robbed!

Please Check out Real Jew News
Its an eye and mind opener!

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