Thursday, April 11, 2013

Transition of Superpowers

Transition of Superpowers

 These were the Worst of Times,

These are the Best of Times

We are living in the greatest time in the history of mankind. We are in a season when the final Superpower Kingdom/Government under man's rule is ending and the rise of the ultimate Superpower Kingdom of AhaYah is emerging before our very eyes. We are witnessing the destruction of a great Nation (The United States of America) sink into degradation as the children of satan take full control of its highest positions of authority in key legislative offices in arrangement  to bring it to ruin.

It is imperative at this time that the Christians in America recognize this season of transition and the accuracy of the scriptures which predicted the fall of America (the final man made government) which is now under satan's authority and rule in preparation for its full demise. It is essential that the Church recognize that its season of reign during the Gentile age is over. Both must make way for the rule of the Kingdom of AhaYah through His True Chosen People The Hebrew Israelite Nation as He restores them back into position of  power now that the season of the Gentile is expired.

It is my hope through these Blogs to render direction to those looking for navigation through the trouble waters of transition of Kingdoms. As in any transition of power there will be a season of anarchy before the new Superpower take full reigns and settle into complete control of its new position. My advice to all Christians is to seek AhaYah and His Son Jesus/YeshaYah of how they may be instrumental in helping to restore the True House of Israel back into position of power as AhaYah expose the, Jews," for who they really are as Jesus/YeshaYah said they are, the children of satan who's desire is to carry out satan's desire and please him.  

"Let Thy Government Come, On Earth"

Please rest assured, AhaYah our Elohim and King has everything under control as Jesus/Yeshayah our Messiah places those He has chosen to render leadership in His emerging Kingdom into official governmental position of power and authority to render oversight  and Rulership in His Righteous Kingdom on Earth. This is the restoration of the House of David as the scripture foretold thousands of years ago!

It is important that the Church do not confuse this emerging Kingdom on Earth of AhaYah as the fulfillment of The Millennial Reign of Christ on Earth, but it is the prelude to the 1000 year reign of Christ as King of Kings and Prince of Peace on planet Earth. AhaYah emerging Kingdom on Earth must prepare the Earth for the eventual 1000 year reign of Christ just as King David prepare the Earth for the (Type) Peaceful reign of his son King Solomon's peaceful reign. Psalms 110

AhaYah Melech