Tuesday, April 9, 2013

"Jews" Vs. The True Children Of Israel

                                Weed                       Wheat
                                               Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43

Who are the true Children of Israel?

The Church wants to be blessed by blessing the Children of Israel however, that concept and reality has been temporarily hijacked because the Church has been deceived into thinking that a people who are not Israel is Israel. A people known for millenniums to be deceivers, liars, manipulators, thieves, murderers, psychics, sorcerers, tarot card readers, witches, warlocks, identity thieves etc., has pulled off one of the greatest identity theft the World has ever witnessed. The Church call them, "Blessed," however these lying thieving nomads has brought the Church to its knees stripping her, like Delilah stripped SAMSON, of all that made her great.

In 1948 a barrage of lying Gypsy marauders calling themselves, "Jews," entered the Holy Land of Israel killing its inhabitants and pillaging the land. Since that time until today the Church has been deceived into believing that these people (whom Jesus called the children of the devil) are The Children of Israel. To deter the Church from their misguided belief has been an uphill battle however, I believe the time has come when our God AhaYah the Creator of Heaven and Earth and our Savior Jesus/YeshaYah through Elohim His precious Holy Spirit is ready to reveal to not only the Church but the Whole World who are The True Children of Israel.

 Jesus said to the fake, "Jews,"
"You belong to your father the devil and you want to carry out your father's desires."
John 8:44 

The True House of Israel

AhaYah said to Abraham, "Through your descendant all the Nations of the World will be blessed, because you have obeyed me. Gen 22:18

The Real Hebrew Israelite Nation

Counterfeit Gentile Jews


The True Children of Israel

One may ask, "What is the difference between the Jews Vs the Children of Israel?

Answer: The variations are as different as Night and Day, Black and White, North and South, East and West, Up and Down, Rise and Fall, Empty and Full, Left and Right, Open and Closed, Wheat and Weed, Heaven and Hell  etc..



X  The Jews worship satan the snake or dragon. John 8:44

*The Children of Israel worship AhaYah, the creator
of Heaven and Earth and His  Son Jesus/YeshaYah.

X  The Jews are children of their father the devil whom produce filth and death.
John 8:44/Matt 7:16

*The Children of Israel are the children of AhaYah Creator of all things.



X  The "Jews," pretend to have converted to and adopted the Hebrew Israelite Culture.

* The Children of Israel are Natural Hebrew Israelites whom follow 
Torah and the rest of the Scriptures,  Only.


X  The Jews were predestined to Kill, Steal and destroy all Nations. John 10:10

* The Children of Israel are called to be a blessing to all Nations.


X The Jews are chosen to institute unrighteousness all over the World and establish a Worldwide anti-Christ society.

 * The Children of Israel are chosen to bring the massage of the Kingdom of
 AhaYah and His son Jesus Christ/YeshaYah to the Nations of the World.


X  The Jews are fakes who pretend to be the Children of Israel. Rev 2:9/3:9

* The Children of Israel are the true descendants of Ancient Israel.

X  The Jews are occupying the land of Israel and is claiming it as their own land though it's not. 
The, "Jews," live in fear in the land of Israel! Ezekiel 39:26 NTL

* The Children of Israel are captives serving their host Nation throughout 
the World until AhaYah return them back to The Promised Land of Israel.


X The Jews are Rich and own most Major Corporation$.

*  The Children of Israel are poor.


X The Jews are White Caucasian, thieving Gypsies from Europe.

* The Children of Israel are dark skinned/"Black" exiles from Israel.


X The Jews are a war like people that hate everyone but Jews.

* The Children of Israel are kind and friendly.


X  The Jews are cunning European, Caucasian, Gentile, Gypsy deceivers.

* The Children of Israel are dumb sheep gullible to deception.


X  The Jews bought, sold, traded and owned Hebrew (Ibos) Slaves and Financed the Slave Trade.

* The Children of Israel were/are slaves in strange distant lands.


X  The Fake, "Jews," constantly fight while illegally occupying the Holy Land of Israel.

* AhaYah said, When the REAL Children of Israel are returned back to 
the Promised Land of Israel they will live in peace.   Ezekiel 39:26 NTL


X  The "Jews" are the counterfeits from the seed of Satan. John 8:44

* The Children of Israel are the real people from the seed of Abraham.


X  The Jews are Gentile from the seed of Japheth. Gen 10:1-5 KJV

* The Children of Israel are Hebrew Israelites from the seed of Shem. Not Sim!


X  The Jews cunningly manufactured a fake holocaust and is receiving $Billions each year!

* The Children of Israel experienced a real Holocaust orchestrated by the Jews and has not received a dime Yet, but we will!


X  The Jews temporarily stole and occupy the Land of Israel.

*The Children of Israel temporarily lost the Land of Israel but will return permanently.


X  The Jews owned and manned the Slave ships.

*The Children of Israel were kidnapped Human cargo on the Slave Ships


X  The Jews owned the Plantations.

* The Hebrew Israelites were forced slave labor on the Plantations.


X  The fake, "Jews," received $billions for their fake Holocaust.

* The Hebrew Israelite Nation received $0.

To sum it all up, If you desire to be blessed by AhaYah, bless The Children of Israel not the Fake, "Jews," whom Jesus/YeshaYah said are the children of satan.

Behold! The True Children of Israel

AhaYah is King!

AhaYah is our Elohim

 Got The Message Yet Our grafted Christian Brothers?

Bless the Israelites and you will be blessed, not the fake Gentile, "Jews," who are illegally occupying the Promised Land of Israel.

Jesus/YeshaYah is our Salvation!

Genesis 12:3

Hallelu Yah!


The Bible is clear as to who are 

The Real Children of Israel.


Hallelu Yah


Your Honor and King over all kings. We have come before you in this most Holy, Honorable, Supreme, Ultimate, Righteous Court and have presented before you our case and the overwhelming evidences your Excellency, which is supported historically, biblically, and even the Spirit of Truth bear witness to the accurateness of our petition. Please we pray of you, with that which has been presented, please make your Holy and Righteous Judgment before all the World to see and bear witness to the only truth.

Your Majesty, we pray that you will send forth your Holy Angels throughout the Universe to make right the wrongs. Please send forth your righteous Angels to make the crooked places straight  To bring down every mountain and high hill, to exalt every valley and let the glory of your awesome Son Jesus/YeshaYah shine forth throughout the dark places in the Earth and the Universe. 

This we pray and petition you in your Holy Court of Justice in the name of your wonderful Son and our Savior and Messiah Jesus/YeshaYah. 

We Thank you.