Friday, April 19, 2013

Jews Hate White America Who Love Her

A Real Love Hate Relationship 

While White Christians love the Jews because they have been deceived into thinking that, "Jews," are, "God's chosen people," the Jews have been waging a fierce battle against White Christian America and the very belief in which they love Jews.  This reminds me of the saga in which two persons are supposed to be in a love relationship but one person is in love but the other is not. The other person is in the relationship just to use the one in-love by draining the fool of his/her resources. 

This is a perfect picture of the relationship between the "Jews," and the White Christians. The Jews are draining White America of their culture, Heritage, Christian values, poisoning their children with filth, and perversion on a daily bases through the perverted laws they have enacted. Through television and music our children are poisoned by Jewish owned media while the White American Christians drool over Jews saying, "I lovvvvve you." You are God's chosen people though you promote everything evil and hate my Lord Jesus.

On the other hand we do have a scenario where these two clash of cultures both have entered into a relationship for selfish reasons. We already know that the Jews pretend to love White Christian America while cunningly draining her of all that is valuable to her. But White Christian America turn a blind eye to the raping of White Christian America too because she is selfishly motivated by the promises of AhaYah which says in Genesis 12:3. I will bless them that Bless you and I will curse them that curse you.

You see, in this scenario White Christian America really do not give a damn about the Jews. They fear the wrath and judgment of AhaYah therefore they turn a blind eye to the fact that the Jews hate Jesus, corrupt their children, flood the TV airways with sexual perversion, with the occult, drag down the morals of society with degrading music,  and it's perverted explicit lyrics. Why? Because these selfishly motivated, self righteous White Christian want to be blessed by AhaYah for blessing and accepting Israel. Their motivation for wanting to befriend the Jews is that they do not  want AhaYah to curse them. The  Christians see the multiple sins of the Jews through the lens of that which  filters out any and all sins against AhaYah therefore rendering them a pass for corruption.

If only White Christian America Knew!

This Is Not The Israelites, But Are Impostors!

Blinded BY Their own Want To Be Blessed!

Please Do Not Tell Me This Is Not Israel!


The Real Hebrews

See anyone that look Caucasian in this picture?

Dang! You Missed Your Blessing!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Jewish Diversion Tactic Used To Destroy America

The Diversion Tactic

The fake, "Jew," Use Diversion To redirect the attention of White 
Christians America as they pillage and destroy the Country.

 Looking For The Problem In The Wrong Places

White Gentile Christians in America, the enemy has you looking in the wrong direction for the answer to America's problem. Barack Obama is not your problem, George Bush was not your problem. Bill Clinton was not your problem. It is the Fake Jews that OWNS ALL of these Presidents and all of Congress, that is your problem. Get rid of the, "Jews" and 90% of your problem are solved. Obama is just a diversion.

In the game of chess any pawn can become a coveted Queen which is by far the most powerful piece on the board. A pawn can become any other piece. In satan war chest there are many paws whom he can use to become anything he wants them to be to suit his objective. Satan can make any of his pawns a President . If you are not a pawn in the hands of Jesus/YeshaYah you are a pawn in the hands of satan.

There are only two players in the game of life for World dominance and that is Jesus/YeshaYah and satan. One must decide who's side they want to be on. 99.9% of the political leaders in the World are pawns in the hands of satan. If satan is your choice for a chess master, you will do what satan requires of you or die.

 Stop Criticizing Obama

Stop talking about President Obama, the children of satan, the Fake, "Jews," has a gun to his head! If Obama wants to continue to live he must do what the fake, "Jews," in Washington and the Israeli Government wants him to do, or die. Obama is just as much a victim as anyone else that are suffering from the effects of the Jewish takeover of America highest political offices and businesses.

Please, make no mistake about it. I AM NO Obama fan. I AM neither a Mitt Romney fan. I AM not a fan of politics. I AM a dedicated, fully committed, hard core Jesus/YeshaYah fanatic. I speak for the Word of AhaYah, nothing more nothing less. I could care less about politics because it is all an orchestrated rigged game in satan's cunning and deceitful war chest. It's all garbage and smokescreens for those whom are really running the country to use as they are pulling the strings to bring down the house White Christian Americans built.

Stop Talking About Obama 

Stop talking about President elect Obama and his shortcomings. If you are talking about the President it shows that you are shallow and do not really understand what is really happening. Christians? Not fake Christians! I AM talking to real Born-Again, genuine Christians whom love Jesus/YeshaYah with all their life and soul. We are in a critical season when satan is desperate because he is out of time and his predicted demise is at his door. 

Today AhaYah our Elohim is revealing the secrets of satan and his family. AhaYah is revealing how satan and his children has been operating undetected for thousands of years. If a person knows the strategy of his enemy they are able to put into effect counter measures to stop the enemy then launch an offensive attack. White Christian America please take your eyes off Obama, he is a diversion, a distraction to keep you from focusing on the real enemy. The enemy within the borders of America is and has been wreaking havoc on the US political system and we have been unconsciously manipulated to look at Obama and other Presidents so that we would not see the real enemy.

Another diversion tactic that the enemy is using to distract us from seeing the real enemy is  Jewish run CIA created Al-Qaeda. Arabs, Muslims, the Muslim brotherhood etc are all diversions. They are not the enemy.  The real enemy that is attacking White Christian America is the enemy within the Government of the United States of America. Arab countries are no threat to America. America has enough weapons to wipe any Arab country off the face of the map. America is now a puppet of the enemy within. Satan want these Arab countries so his children has villainized these countries for satan and the fake, "Jews" sake. Stop being fools!

Cut off the head of your enemy within your own Government and you will have no more problems with any enemy except Jesus/YeshaYah. Yes, Jesus/YeshaYah is now an enemy of America because America has allowed the Fake Jews, whom are a sworn enemy of AhaYah to turn the United states Government against Jesus/YeshaYah. Well that constitutes the greater problem huh? These real, natural born terrorist whom has terrorized America, the Real Children of Israel and the World are now calling Christian in America Terrorist. These fake, "Jews" are crazy! It really is time for these fools to DIE! Anyway!

Stop talking about President Obama! FOCUS on the Real enemy buried deep within the political infrastructure of American  politics. They are wreaking havoc on anything that is good and wholesome almost undetected. Does not the Word of AhaYah tell us to pray for those that are in positions of authority? 
1 Timothy 2: 1-4

AhaYah know where the real problem lies. AhaYah knows that the children of satan, the Fake, "Jews," has a Gun to President Obama's head. Christians are the only people whom seem to be so gullible as to think that the fake, "Jews," are AhaYah's chosen people therefore rendering them a pass to destroy everything that is Holy and Righteous in America and abroad. If President Obama does not do what the children of satan command him to do he is a dead man. STOP TALKING ABOUT PRESIDENT OBAMA AND GET TO PRAYING. Obama is in trouble, not from the enemy abroad but from the enemy within the American Power Structure which has been captured by a foreign Nation pretending to be Israel. 

Remember what you pray to happen to another man is also what you are praying will come upon you. You dig a pit, you will fall in it.If you pray for Obama to fall, you are praying for your Country to fall with you and your family residing in it. If you pray for another to take Obama's place you may get just what you are asking for. "Jews," will replace Obama with someone worse whom will get straight up in your face and say, I want all Christians dead, Now. OBAMA is not White Christian America's problem! America's real enemy was here long before Obama came on the scene. The concentration Camps are already being prepared to welcome in and house,White Christian Americans.


White Christian America pledged allegiance to the false Israeli Government and now the 
fake, "Jews," pledge to finish you off and place all of you in Concentration  Camps.


If the fake, "Jews," whom has taken over the USA to bring her to ruin, whom also owns all the media outlets in the USA wanted Mitt Romney in office he would be in the same predicament as President Obama, George Bush Jr., Bill Clinton, George Bush Sr., Ronald Reagan  Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon etc. They ALL had a GUN to their head compelling them to obey and do what the fake, "Jews" and their father satan wanted them to do or they were dead. Satan is the god of these Kingdoms/Governments and he rule his subjects the Presidents ruthlessly through his children and trusted agents the fake, lying, "Jews."  Matthew 4:9/ 2 Cor 4:4

All of the above are or were nothing but diversionary distractions of the real people
that are running and destroying the World, The Children of satan, the fake Jews." 


What would you do? Would you become a PUPPET or DIE? There is only two choices one can make when one become the President of the United States of America. Obey the Fake, "Jews," or Die! 


Those that do not play by SATAN'S CHILDREN'S  RULES DIE!

PLAY BY  Satan's  Children, THE FAKE, "JEWS" RULES OR DIE!

PLAY BY  Satan's  Children, THE FAKE, "JEWS" RULES OR DIE!

PLAY BY  Satan's  Children, THE FAKE, "JEWS" RULES OR DIE!

PLAY BY  Satan's  Children, THE FAKE, "JEWS" RULES OR DIE!

PLAY BY  Satan's  Children, THE FAKE, "JEWS" RULES OR DIE!



Got Jews, Got MAJOR Problems!

Monday, April 15, 2013

The Ushering In Of A New Season

The word of AhaYah is true whether we understand it or not. Heaven and Earth shall pass away but the Word of AhaYah will never pass away. Approximately 2000 years ago the age of the Church was ushered in and the Hebrew Israelites resisted and sought to hold on to the tenants of their then culture, customs and traditions. However,  Jesus/YeshaYah who is the Word of AhaYah came along and ushered in a new era giving the Gentiles an opportunity to receive salvation. Our Majestic leader and Hebrew Messiah was so adamant in His plan and declaration to have the Hebrew Israelites transition from the old way to the new way that He completely run the Hebrew Israelite Nation out of Israel for a season so that the Hebrew Israelite culture with all of its rituals and statues would be thoroughly hindered. Luke 211:24

The Hebrew Israelite Nation carried the message of AhaYah's word and passed the baton of the Gospel message on to the Gentile so that they may win a many converts to the Hebrew Israelite Culture in an allotted period of time. That time of the Gentile is now expired and it is time to pass the baton back to the original vine so that they can finish the race and usher in the literal Kingdom of AhaYah on Earth thereby re-establishing the House of David. Amos 9:12, Acts 15:16

To resist this process is futile. To refuse to go along with this process is equivalent to fighting Jesus/YeshaYah as the Apostle Paul (whom were at that time call Saul) experienced in his resistance to will and intent of AhaYah's Son Jesus/YeshaYah during the former transition from the Hebrew Israelites age/season to the Gentile Season.  The Hebrew Israelite Nation and those who has been grafted into the Hebrew Israelite Family will succeed in carrying the message of the Kingdom of AhaYah and that during this New Age called the Kingdom Age/Season which will be led by the Hebrew Israelites not the Gentiles. Do you want to be in the will of AhaYah? Get on board to catch the new wave of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus/YeshaYah said that Jerusalem would be trampled down by the Gentiles until the time of the Gentiles would be over. In other words Jesus/YeshaYah was saying that the Hebrew Israelites would be run out of Jerusalem so that they would no longer spread their influence of the old way until the gentile complete their assignment. Jesus/YeshaYah was saying that the Land of Israel would be vacated by the Hebrew Israelites for a season until the time of the Gospel going out to carry the Good news message of salvation to the Gentiles is over.  The Gentile Season/Age  is the time and the season  for Gentiles to take the reins (only for a specific period of time) to bringing the World into the Hebrew Israelite Family. IT IS FINISHED/OVER!

Here is the Key to understanding the old transition of salvation coming to the Gentiles and the present transition which is taking place to return the reins back to the Hebrew Israelite Nation now that the season on the Gentiles is expired. Think of the transition in terms of a relay race.

The Relay Race

A relay race is a race between two or more teams of contestants in which each contestant run a specific portion of the distance. The first runner runs a specific portion of the distance then passes the baton to the next runner after the first runner complete its allotted distance of the race. The next runner run its allotted distance until completed then passed the baton to the next runner after he complete his allotted distance. Again, all this transpires while competing against another team following the same rules and each person with like aspirations of getting to the finished line first. The process is repeated until the race is complete and the hope is that the last person carrying the baton on the final leg of the race will go on to achieve victory for the whole team.

Thus we have the dilemma whereby the Gentile season of running the race is over. Now more than ever it is imperative that the Gentiles pass the baton to the next runner which is The Hebrew Israelite Nation so that the race may continue and eventually be completed and ultimately WON. 

To delay the passing of the baton to the next runner after the runner  has completed their assigned length and time period places the whole team at risk of losing the race. The runner carrying the baton is usually extremely exhausted after running their assigned portion of the race. The opposing team having understood that the advantage is to pass the baton to a fresh runner does so in the quickest time possible in the hope of victory.

The Gentile Christian Church must understand this value. The Church has exhausted all it's energy and resources to continue the race. To not pass the baton is to experience certain defeat. We are competing against a relentless enemy that knows no bounds. White Christian Gentiles please pass the baton to your team member that we will deal with the devil and his children in ways that the White Christian Gentiles are not assigned to do so. 

This transition of the carrying of, The Message of the Kingdom Age to the World and the placing of the reins back into the hands of the Hebrew Israelites cannot be stopped. It is inevitable! However it is easier if White Gentile Christians understood what is happening so that the transition can transpire much quicker and smoother for both parties.

What's happening in America?

Let's look to see what has happened and is happening in White Christian America. The White Gentile Christians are seriously lagging in the race to the point of embarrassment in their leg just as the Hebrew Israelites Nation were embarrassed when they ran their first leg of the race over 2000 years ago. White Gentile Christians have been completely neutralized of significant effectiveness on the World stage.  Now is left only stagnation, no new revelation, no fresh word, no fresh manna, no life sustaining water.

Applauds to the enemy, your satanic strategy was successful, you won a battle however the race is not over yet. Now get ready to be routed by the Chosen of AhaYah whom you and your evil, weed seed children the, "Jews," deceived first and has done everything in your power to get rid of, demonize, destroy and annihilate from the face of the Earth. Psalms 83:4 As it is written, we are about to stump you into the ground, take the prized banner of your children and wave it before AhaYah as a victory Wave offering.  Jeremiah 51:20

Good job, but not good enough fake, "Jews." You and your father satan greatest nightmare has just begun. Your time is up! From here on, your kingdom goes downhill.  Now get ready for the battle, it is written, WE WIN!

Rev 12:11

Satan, you have captured the Base of the White Gentile Christians and decimated their laws. Their home base has been destroyed by your children by means of complete infiltration and monopoly of the White Gentile Christians established political system which brought them to prominence. Now let's see you destroy the Constitution of The Hebrew Israelite Nation. Its call the Written and Living, Life giving Word of AhaYah. The Bible! Hallelu Yah.

Welcome to Your future satan!

Satan! We now know your tactics and your strategies. We now know and understand that the fake, "Jews," are your children sent to lie, distort the truth, kill, steal and destroy. No longer can your children pretend to be Hebrews and they are not. Rev 2:9, 3:9 Your kingdom is doomed! You and your children has been exposed, now you and your family are about to be vanquished. 

How America was defeated

It was not the enemy without which defeated White Christian America but the enemy which they allowed within their borders then slithered their way into the highest position of power within the US Government. The enemy White Christian America is swearing alliance to (Unconsciously) is still operating mercilessly with rootless precision while stealing, murdering, bribing, pillaging America and ripping her Constitution to shreds.  These low life vermin take no prisoners all the while they operate almost completely unnoticed like rats under the cover of darkness. Like undetected parasites living in its host victim, these blood suckers has slowly drained the spiritual life and financial wherewith out of America leaving her convulsing, gasping for air, barely hanging on to life.

The fake "Jews," used the Trojan Horse Tactic 
To Destroy Christian America!

                    Denver Airport              Troy

These children of satan are not playing, these people have a mission from their father satan that they must carry out with precision or face indescribable punishment. Satan is their taskmaster operating with no love, mercy or concern for them at all. If the fake, "Jews," fail do you know what is waiting for them? They must seek to conquer and destroy every nation they can slither into.

The Majority of our White Caucasian Christian brothers and sisters STILL do not know what has hit America. Most Americans do not realize the country has been conquered by a foreign Nation. The now destroyed system White Christian America built to supposedly sustain their lifestyle as Christians has been vanquished. They are scratching their head wondering what happened. They know the problem is with the politicians and the political system but they have yet to comprehend that there is a specific people that is and has caused all the problems because that is the sole purpose of the existence of the, Weed Seed fake, "Jews," and that is to destroy anything to do with Christ and Christianity.

While the Church slept these weed seeds ("Jews") that was sown in the night came in and took over America and now you see the results. The life of Christianity has been choked out of America as these weeds camouflage themselves as the Children of Israel, fooled White Christian America and stole her spiritual life, her wealth and tricked her into stealing the Promised land of Israel that they refuse to allow the Real Children of Israel to return to.

Wearing a complete camouflage of wheat (Children of Israel), these weeds (Fake Jews) has destroyed that which was thought to be a beautiful lawn of White Christian America. Satan is not playing, he is serious. Satan and his demons are not asleep. Their very existence and the kingdom of darkness is at stake. As far as satan is concerned the World and the prized possession of taking full control of AhaYah's beloved mankind is at stake.

Synagogue of Satan Rev 2:9, 3:9

The majority of White Christian America and the World still does not know that there is a family of people in the Earth that are and has always been dedicated to carrying out the will of satan in the Earth even though Jesus said it. John 8:44 Members of that family were groomed from childhood to take over governments and occupy the highest positions of it's Government and businesses. 

These vowed luciferians are groomed and trained to possess everything of worth and value then corner the markets of the World for total dominance.  What they can't obtain by sheer cunning lying, deception or theft they obtain by corruption and murder. No one and nothing escape their trap except they whom are completely wrapped and hidden under the wings of Almighty AhaYah our Elohim.

These dedicated satan worshipers do not play by man's ruled they play by satan's rules. They are extremely violent while preaching love and tolerance to neutralize the unsuspecting. Welcome to the World of the, "Jews!" Satan's children! I did not say this Jesus said it! So they would call Jesus a anti-Semitic too to try to neutralize Him? But who gives a dang what they say, do or think? They are born liars, deceivers and murderers just like their father the devil. Oh they fooled you too into thinking they were God's chosen people Huh? No, Jesus said they are the weed that was sown by satan at night while everyone sleep thousands of years ago.  Matthew 13:25

Back then when they infiltrated the Hebrew Israelite Nation's (pretending to be Hebrews) Priesthood/Government they were called Pharisees and Sadducee.  Those same fake weeds who where called Pharisees and Sadducee are using a different title now to infiltrate a different Government which is hosting the Word of AhaYah to bring it down, The name they use today is "Jews."

One cannot tell the difference between weed and wheat until they mature. Wheat and weed look almost alike until it matures. Once matured weed choke out the life of wheat. Once matured weed show what it really is. Likewise, A Weed seed people will produce pornography, abortion, murder, scum, filth etc. Watch TV lately? Oh, you have already turned off the TV. Guess what? The "Jews," seeds of Weed owns all these stations. They can't produce nothing decent because a  bad tree cannot produce good fruit.  Matthew 7:18

Are You Beginning To Get The Picture Yet?

But for a season we were not able to tell that the fake, "Jews," were not the children of Israel as they claimed because we could not see their fruit. Hey, guess what? Their fruit are clear and ripe for the whole World to see. Their fruit are disgusting to witness and look upon. Soon you will watch them burn as weed is good for nothing but the FIRE! 
Matthew 13:30