Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Why does, "Jews," pretend a Holocaust occurred?

Why does, "Jews," pretend a Holocaust occurred?

Why would a Nation of people want to pretend that they were the victims of a Holocaust? There are several reasons a people would want to perpetrate this fraud. The main reason is to receive $Billions in reparations from sympathizer. The claim of a Holocaust is a $Billion  a year scam. The holocaust scam is a industry.

A Nation of Liars

Though it has been scientifically proven that a Jewish," holocaust," never occurred the scam continues.  Many of the pictures which are show to render proof of a so called Jewish holocaust occurred were staged. Many of those whom claimed to be witnesses of atrocities has been proven to be liars but the scam goes on. The benefit of receiving $Billions in reparation is too great for those whom Jesus/YeshaYah called the "Children of Satan," to let go. Mammon is the god of the fake Jews and they will do anything to acquire it.

Though 100 Million people died in WWII the fake Jews who lie and claim 6 million Jews died are the only group to get a Holocaust trophy. Their title should read, JEWISH THEIVES INSTEAD OF JEWISH HOLOCAUST. The Numbers keep changing as the lie is exposed. Last numbers show that the Holahoax numbers are down from 6 Million  to 1.5 Million. 

Jewish Laws

It is against the law in many countries to present solid evidence that refute the official version of the fake Jewish Holocaust lie which they have concocted. That is outright NUTS!  The question of any intelligent person should be, What are they hiding? 

A court of law is a place where anyone should be able to go to receive justice. A court is a place where truth is to be celebrated and liars are punished. Not so with the Jews! What are the fake Jews hiding. The court of law is what they want it to be and any person or organization making any claim about the, "Jewish  Holocaust other than what they want it to be will be harassed, sewed, thrown in prison or even killed. Yes, some have even been murdered for revealing the truth.

The constitutional rights of an individual to free speech is acceptable in today's society but not when it comes to the fake Jews. One can speak about anything and anyone you would like to speak about, but when it comes to the fake Gypsy Jews, free speech is off limits. One might find out the truth about these Jesus/YeshaYah rejecting thieves if people are allowed to freely speak about the fake Jews so they must keep everyone quiet.

There is another side to this saga. Many young Jews has been brainwashed to believe that a Holocaust occurred. It is the hope that these victims of fraud take the initiative to  talk to other former fake Jews whom has opposing positions and concepts. I would strongly recommend that everyone take the advice and counsel Brother Nathaniel a former  fake Jew and follower of the false religion of Judaism.

My fellow Caucasion Christian Brothers, Sisters and leaders of Organizations, Please, I beg you, Wake Up!

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