Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Jewish Diversion Tactic Used To Destroy America

The Diversion Tactic

The fake, "Jew," Use Diversion To redirect the attention of White 
Christians America as they pillage and destroy the Country.

 Looking For The Problem In The Wrong Places

White Gentile Christians in America, the enemy has you looking in the wrong direction for the answer to America's problem. Barack Obama is not your problem, George Bush was not your problem. Bill Clinton was not your problem. It is the Fake Jews that OWNS ALL of these Presidents and all of Congress, that is your problem. Get rid of the, "Jews" and 90% of your problem are solved. Obama is just a diversion.

In the game of chess any pawn can become a coveted Queen which is by far the most powerful piece on the board. A pawn can become any other piece. In satan war chest there are many paws whom he can use to become anything he wants them to be to suit his objective. Satan can make any of his pawns a President . If you are not a pawn in the hands of Jesus/YeshaYah you are a pawn in the hands of satan.

There are only two players in the game of life for World dominance and that is Jesus/YeshaYah and satan. One must decide who's side they want to be on. 99.9% of the political leaders in the World are pawns in the hands of satan. If satan is your choice for a chess master, you will do what satan requires of you or die.

 Stop Criticizing Obama

Stop talking about President Obama, the children of satan, the Fake, "Jews," has a gun to his head! If Obama wants to continue to live he must do what the fake, "Jews," in Washington and the Israeli Government wants him to do, or die. Obama is just as much a victim as anyone else that are suffering from the effects of the Jewish takeover of America highest political offices and businesses.

Please, make no mistake about it. I AM NO Obama fan. I AM neither a Mitt Romney fan. I AM not a fan of politics. I AM a dedicated, fully committed, hard core Jesus/YeshaYah fanatic. I speak for the Word of AhaYah, nothing more nothing less. I could care less about politics because it is all an orchestrated rigged game in satan's cunning and deceitful war chest. It's all garbage and smokescreens for those whom are really running the country to use as they are pulling the strings to bring down the house White Christian Americans built.

Stop Talking About Obama 

Stop talking about President elect Obama and his shortcomings. If you are talking about the President it shows that you are shallow and do not really understand what is really happening. Christians? Not fake Christians! I AM talking to real Born-Again, genuine Christians whom love Jesus/YeshaYah with all their life and soul. We are in a critical season when satan is desperate because he is out of time and his predicted demise is at his door. 

Today AhaYah our Elohim is revealing the secrets of satan and his family. AhaYah is revealing how satan and his children has been operating undetected for thousands of years. If a person knows the strategy of his enemy they are able to put into effect counter measures to stop the enemy then launch an offensive attack. White Christian America please take your eyes off Obama, he is a diversion, a distraction to keep you from focusing on the real enemy. The enemy within the borders of America is and has been wreaking havoc on the US political system and we have been unconsciously manipulated to look at Obama and other Presidents so that we would not see the real enemy.

Another diversion tactic that the enemy is using to distract us from seeing the real enemy is  Jewish run CIA created Al-Qaeda. Arabs, Muslims, the Muslim brotherhood etc are all diversions. They are not the enemy.  The real enemy that is attacking White Christian America is the enemy within the Government of the United States of America. Arab countries are no threat to America. America has enough weapons to wipe any Arab country off the face of the map. America is now a puppet of the enemy within. Satan want these Arab countries so his children has villainized these countries for satan and the fake, "Jews" sake. Stop being fools!

Cut off the head of your enemy within your own Government and you will have no more problems with any enemy except Jesus/YeshaYah. Yes, Jesus/YeshaYah is now an enemy of America because America has allowed the Fake Jews, whom are a sworn enemy of AhaYah to turn the United states Government against Jesus/YeshaYah. Well that constitutes the greater problem huh? These real, natural born terrorist whom has terrorized America, the Real Children of Israel and the World are now calling Christian in America Terrorist. These fake, "Jews" are crazy! It really is time for these fools to DIE! Anyway!

Stop talking about President Obama! FOCUS on the Real enemy buried deep within the political infrastructure of American  politics. They are wreaking havoc on anything that is good and wholesome almost undetected. Does not the Word of AhaYah tell us to pray for those that are in positions of authority? 
1 Timothy 2: 1-4

AhaYah know where the real problem lies. AhaYah knows that the children of satan, the Fake, "Jews," has a Gun to President Obama's head. Christians are the only people whom seem to be so gullible as to think that the fake, "Jews," are AhaYah's chosen people therefore rendering them a pass to destroy everything that is Holy and Righteous in America and abroad. If President Obama does not do what the children of satan command him to do he is a dead man. STOP TALKING ABOUT PRESIDENT OBAMA AND GET TO PRAYING. Obama is in trouble, not from the enemy abroad but from the enemy within the American Power Structure which has been captured by a foreign Nation pretending to be Israel. 

Remember what you pray to happen to another man is also what you are praying will come upon you. You dig a pit, you will fall in it.If you pray for Obama to fall, you are praying for your Country to fall with you and your family residing in it. If you pray for another to take Obama's place you may get just what you are asking for. "Jews," will replace Obama with someone worse whom will get straight up in your face and say, I want all Christians dead, Now. OBAMA is not White Christian America's problem! America's real enemy was here long before Obama came on the scene. The concentration Camps are already being prepared to welcome in and house,White Christian Americans.


White Christian America pledged allegiance to the false Israeli Government and now the 
fake, "Jews," pledge to finish you off and place all of you in Concentration  Camps.


If the fake, "Jews," whom has taken over the USA to bring her to ruin, whom also owns all the media outlets in the USA wanted Mitt Romney in office he would be in the same predicament as President Obama, George Bush Jr., Bill Clinton, George Bush Sr., Ronald Reagan  Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon etc. They ALL had a GUN to their head compelling them to obey and do what the fake, "Jews" and their father satan wanted them to do or they were dead. Satan is the god of these Kingdoms/Governments and he rule his subjects the Presidents ruthlessly through his children and trusted agents the fake, lying, "Jews."  Matthew 4:9/ 2 Cor 4:4

All of the above are or were nothing but diversionary distractions of the real people
that are running and destroying the World, The Children of satan, the fake Jews." 


What would you do? Would you become a PUPPET or DIE? There is only two choices one can make when one become the President of the United States of America. Obey the Fake, "Jews," or Die! 


Those that do not play by SATAN'S CHILDREN'S  RULES DIE!

PLAY BY  Satan's  Children, THE FAKE, "JEWS" RULES OR DIE!

PLAY BY  Satan's  Children, THE FAKE, "JEWS" RULES OR DIE!

PLAY BY  Satan's  Children, THE FAKE, "JEWS" RULES OR DIE!

PLAY BY  Satan's  Children, THE FAKE, "JEWS" RULES OR DIE!

PLAY BY  Satan's  Children, THE FAKE, "JEWS" RULES OR DIE!



Got Jews, Got MAJOR Problems!